photo by Tomke Blotevogel

Semester Abroad

International Partnerships

From a thematic perspective, the “Studies in European Culture” master’s program pays special attention to the interactions and interconnectedness of European and global developments. The history of globalization, the aftereffects of colonialism, and current patterns of migration can play a role, as can intercultural processes of understanding. This is why the mandatory semester abroad at a non-European partner university is a central component of the program.

Partnerships in the 2019/20 winter semester

Students spend the third semester of the four semester master’s program at one of the partner institutions, gaining first-hand experience with new (scientific) cultures that are linked to European cultures in a variety of different ways.

The semester abroad outside the European cultural sphere provides students with a new perspective: how is Europe seen from the outside? What kind of alternative epistemologies, theories and concepts exist in the world besides the globally influential Eurocentric models?

The international character of the master’s program is reflected in the mandatory semester at a partner university outside Europe. Students are encouraged to travel to their chosen university with a project idea already in mind, and to use their stay in the host country to further develop and outline their master’s thesis.

Impressions from the semester abroad

The photos were taken by KGE students during their semester abroad and were made available by the photographers. Copyright (if applicable) is stated with the respective photo.

  • Shanghai
  • Guelph
  • Buenos Aires by Tim Julijan Holzner
  • Santiago de Chile by Tomke Blotevogel
  • Santiago de Chile by Tomke Blotevogel
  • Shanghai
  • Shanghai by Matthias Lehmann
  • Santiago de Chile by Tomke Blotevogel
  • Shanghai by Luise Mischke
  • Pretoria