MA in Literature

Konstanzer Masterschule

General information

The Department of Literature combines the individual master’s programmes British and American Studies, German Literature, Romance Literatures (with a focus on French, Italian and Spanish Literatures) as well as Slavic Literatures into a single master’s programme in Literature (“Konstanzer Masterschule”).

The four-semester programme (120 ECTS credits) is comprised of two main areas: a general module worth 54 ECTS credits and several specialization modules in one philological discipline (66 ECTS credits). It has been designed to promote close contact between students pursuing various areas of specialization from the beginning of the programme right up to the day they graduate.

In the MA Literature programme, the following areas of specialization are available:

  • English Literatures and Cultures
  • French Literature
  • German Literature
  • Spanish and Ibero-American Literature (in cooperation with the Universidad Santiago de Chile)
  • Italian Literature (in cooperation with the Università degli Studi di Firenze)
  • Latin Literature
  • Slavic Literatures

Content and structure of the study programme

General module 1, “Theory”, is composed of master-level lectures on cultural, literary, art and media theory. General module 2, “Interdisciplinary Perspectives”, includes master-level colloquia and an impulse seminar which are usually offered in cooperation with an international visiting scholar. The second module is particularly important for establishing an interdisciplinary discussion among all master’s students in the programme.

The foreign language specialisation modules are all identically structured and organised. They each consist of one module that focuses on literary texts and gaining critical access to them, plus an additional module that takes a closer look at the cultural, historical and media etc. contexts surrounding these texts. The two central modules are complemented by a module focusing on proficiency in the respective target language as well as a stay-abroad module. In special cases, in-depth studies in a specific subject at the University of Konstanz can be substituted for the stay-abroad module.

In the case of German Literature, there are similar modules to those in the foreign language sections with modules focussing on the texts and contexts, in-depth specialisation or a stay-abroad module. However, the practical language module is replaced by a module focussing on vocational orientation. This module offers key qualification courses in specialist areas.

Seminar papers are replaced with an innovative and skills-based examination system that revolves around module papers. These module papers are based on the contents of one specific course, but have been designed to also reflect the contents and competency objectives of the relevant module as a whole. With regard to the student workload, this means that, typically, you will only have to write one paper per semester. We want you to see this paper, which carries more weight than a regular term paper, as an opportunity to explore one topic in considerable depth. We are convinced that this is an excellent exercise which will put you in an ideal position to make a success of your master’s thesis.

Integrated semester abroad/internship semester

Not only does this master’s programme combine an interdisciplinary approach with subject-specific specialisation. It also comes with the option to complete an integrated semester abroad, or, alternatively, an integrated internship semester, and benefits from close collaboration with universities abroad.

Existing collaborations, e.g. in the areas of Spanish and Ibero-American Literature and Italian Literature, include our partnerships with the Instituto Avancados of the Universidad de Santiago in Chile and with the Università degli Studi di Firenze. Our students are welcome to take part in the European Erasmus exchange programme and to study at various universities around the world that we maintain direct exchange programmes with.

Alternatively, you can choose to complete a three to six-month internship. A list of potential employers who have accepted interns from the study programme in the past is available from the Department of Literature.

Application and admission

You can start the MA in Literature programme either in the winter semester or in the summer semester. The application deadline for the winter semester is 15 July, the application deadline for the summer semester is 15 January.

All applicants with an above-average bachelor's degree in literature are welcome to apply. You may choose whatever specialisation you like, irrespective of the subject of your first degree. However, if you decide on a foreign language specialisation, you will be asked to provide evidence of your foreign language skills, which must be at level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference. Please note that you must have passed the “Latinum” (qualification in Latin) if you wish to specialise in Latin Literature.