Prof. Dr. Timo Müller

Professor of American Studies

Room: H 228
Phone: +49 7531 88 2919

Office hours: Thu 3-4 pm or by appt., either on campus or on Zoom. No registration required. No office hour on May 23.

Principal Investigator of Off the Road (ERC Consolidator Grant, 2023-2027). President of GAPS. Member of the Research Center European Cultures in a Multipolar World and the Center for Cultural Inquiry (ZKF) at the University of Konstanz.

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Current Projects and Events

Urban Traffic and the Question of Sustainability in the Early Automobile Novel
Guest lecture at the IZKT, University of Stuttgart, 21 Nov 2023

Off the Road: The Environmental Aesthetics of Early Automobility
Research project founded by an ERC Consolidator Grant; Principal Investigator; 2023-2027

Transforming Infrastructure. Cultural Perspectives
Multidisciplinary research project; core team member

Postcolonial Infrastructure
Annual GAPS Conference, 17-20 May 2023; co-organizer

Metzler Amerikanische Literaturgeschichte
Fourth, revised edition of the standard German-language history of American literature, forthcoming 2023; co-editor and contributor

Curriculum Vitae

Timo Müller is Professor of American Studies at the University of Konstanz. His main research areas are modernism, Black literature, and the Environmental Humanities. His work has appeared in journals including American Literature, Journal of Modern Literature, and Twentieth-Century Literature. He has edited several textbooks and written two monographs, The Self as Object in Modernist Fiction (2010) and The African American Sonnet: A Literary History (2018), which is now available in paperback from the University of Mississippi Press. He has held visiting fellowships at the British Library, Harvard, and Yale. He currently serves as president of the German Association for Anglophone Postcolonial Studies (GAPS). From 2023 to 2027 he is directing the ERC-funded research project “Off the Road: The Environmental Aesthetics of Early Automobility.”

Academic Positions

since 2018
Professor of American Studies, University of Konstanz

Interim Professor of American Studies, University of Regensburg

Interim Professor of Anglophone Literatures, University of Greifswald

Senior Lecturer in American Studies, University of Augsburg

Research Fellow, African American Studies, Harvard University

Lecturer in American Studies, University of Augsburg


Habilitation, University of Augsburg

Dr. phil., University of Augsburg

M.A., University of Augsburg / Brandeis University


Awards and Grants

ERC Consolidator Grant

Thyssen Foundation Grant for Research Fellowship at Harvard University

Best Dissertation Award, Bavarian American Academy

Donald C. Gallup Fellowship in American Literature, Beinecke Library, Yale University

Eccles Centre Visiting European Fellowship in North American Studies, British Library

Research Areas

North American Literatures and Cultures, especially:
  –  Transatlantic Modernism
 ­ –  Environmental Humanities
  –  African American Studies
  –  Postcolonial Studies



  • The African American Sonnet: A Literary History. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2018. [more]
    Reviewed in: ALH Online Review, Amerikastudien/American Studies, Anglia, Journal of Ethnic American Literature, ZAA
  • The Self as Object in Modernist Fiction: James, Joyce, Hemingway. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann, 2010. [more]
    Reviewed in: Anglia, Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik, Henry James Review

Book Series

  • American Studies: A Monograph Series (with Astrid Franke).  [more]

Edited Collections

  • Hip Hop Ecologies (with Alain-Philippe Durand). Special issue of Ecozon@: European Journal of Literature, Culture and Environment 13.1 (2022): 1-105. [read online]
  • Elemental Agency: American Culture and the Politics of Matter (with Moritz Ingwersen). Special issue of ZAA 70.1 (2022). [more]
  • Our Shared Planet: The Climate Issue (with Michelle Yates). Special issue of American Studies (AMSJ) 60.3-4 (2021). [more]
  • Poem Unlimited: New Perspectives on Poetry and Genre (with David Kerler). Berlin: de Gruyter, 2019. [more]
    Reviewed in: Anglia 
  • Representing Climate: Global to Local. Spec. section of Open Library of Humanities. 2018-2019. [read online]
  • Chinese Literature and Ecocriticism [Zhongguo Wenxue yu Shengtai Piping] (with Chang Liu). Spec. cluster of Chinese Culture Forum 13.1 (2018): 367-406.
  • The American Novel of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries. Handbooks of English and American Studies 4. Berlin: de Gruyter, 2017.  [contents] [more]
    Reviewed in: Anglia 
  • English and American Studies: Theory and Practice (with Martin Middeke, Christina Wald, and Hubert Zapf). Stuttgart: Metzler, 2012. [more]
    Reviewed in: Anglia 
  • Literature, Ecology, Ethics: Recent Trends in Ecocriticism (with Michael Sauter). Heidelberg: Winter, 2012. [more]
    Reviewed in: Anglia 


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Public Talks

Environmental Aesthetics: History, Theory, Politics
Network "Ideology and Aesthetics", 27 Feb 2023

Klimawandel und Migration in der Literatur
University of Konstanz / VHS, 15 Dec 2022

(Post-) Doctoral Candidates


  • Dominik Steinhilber, "Dark Nature: Haunted Ecologies in American Romanticism" (working title)

Doctoral Theses

  • Nicole Braden-Johnson, “An Ecocritical Analysis of U.S. Agricultural Literature of the Modernist Era”
  • Jannis Buschky, "The Regional Imaginations of the Early American Oil Extraction Novel, 1900 - 1945"
  • Haley Culpepper, "The Aesthetics of (Un)Sustainability: Framing Ecotourism in the Sustainability Movement"
  • Melanie Frey, "Road Trip as Genre: American Road Narratives between 1900-1930"
  • Ashley Moser, "In/Visible Infrasturcture: Public Works and the Public Work of Utopia in  in the Science Fiction of Kim Stanley Robinson" (working title)
  • Dominik Sattler, “Transcendentalist Legacies in T. C. Boyle's Novels” (working title)

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