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Workshop by European Theatre Group on Shakespeare's The Tempest: 12/12, 1.30 to 3 p.m.

As part of their Winter tour around Western Europe, the Cambridge University European Theatre Group are holding workshops to delve into the details of Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tempest’. This workshop will aim to investigate the historical contexts that underpin key themes that drive the plot’s exploration of power, illusion and reality, forgiveness and reconciliation and magic. We will look at postcolonial interpretations, widening our understanding of the play’s presentation of exploration,…

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Political Ecology: Workshop on Environmental Humanities

The aim of this workshop on environmental history and cultural ecology is to connect regional universities in Southern Germany and Switzerland to stimulate and build a sustainable scientific network. This first meeting is initiated with the intention of organizing further meetings in Konstanz or at our partner universities.

The workshop aims at “political ecology” as a common field of interest. Political ecology is a field that critically interrogates the nature–society relations,…

Aktuelle Publikation/Current Publication

Time and Timelessness in Victorian Poetry by Prof. Dr. Irmtraud Huber, Edinburgh University Press, 2023

Time and Timelessness in Victorian Poetry explores the question of poetry’s relation to time and argues that this relation is historically contingent – as the concept of time changes, so too do the shaping forms and definitions of poetry. Victorian literature provides a rich testing field for its hypothesis, since the nineteenth century saw momentous changes in the ways people thought about…

Conference: Postcolonial Infrastructure

The department of British and American Studies will host the 2023 annual conference of the German Association of Anglophone Postcolonial Studies (GAPS). More than 100 scholars from around the globe will come to Konstanz to present current reserach on the conference topic, "Postcolonial Infrastructure." Members of the university can attend most events for free.

Humboldt Fellow Joins Department

Dr. Olusegun Titus (Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria) is joining the American Studies department as a guest researcher. Sponsored by Prof. Dr. Timo Müller, Dr. Titus has won a prestigious Georg Forster Stipendium from the Humboldt Foundation to pursue his research about the negotiation of environmental issues in Nigerian music.

Project Launch: "Off the Road"

Meldung: Today the ERC-funded research project "Off the Road: The Environmental Aesthetics of Early Automobility" celebrates its official launch. Led by Prof. Dr. Timo Müller, a team of researchers will examine how road literature from the early decades of automobility influenced literary modernism and the perception of the environment.