Supervising of Doctoral Theses

by Prof. Dr. Reingard M. Nischik

a)  Completed/Published PhD Dissertations                                                            

1. Schubert, Susanne. Die Kürzestgeschichte: Struktur und Wirkung

(completed 1996; published 1997 by Peter Lang)

2.  Arich-Gerz, Bruno Friedrich. Lesen Beobachten: Modell einer Wirkungsästhetik mit Thomas Pynchons Gravity's Rainbow

(completed 2000; published by Universitätsverlag Konstanz in 2001; today Assistant Professor ("Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter") at the Department of Language and Communication of the University of Aachen)

 3.  Rosenthal, Caroline. Narrative Deconstructions of Gender in Works by Audrey Thomas, Daphne Marlatt, and Louise Erdrich

(completed 2001; published by Camden House in Columbia, SC, in 2003; today Professor and Chair of American Literature at the University of Jena)

4.  Rapp, Claudia. Mapping Contemporary Literature from Hawai'i: Context, Development, Themes, and Forms

(completed 2004; published by Verlag Dr. Müller in 2008; today writer, translator, and editor in Berlin)

5.  Ferguson, Stefan. Translating Margaret Atwood into German: A Study of Translation as Cultural Transfer

(completed 2005; Award of the City of Konstanz for the best PhD dissertation of the academic year at the University of Konstanz; published on microfiche; today senior teacher (“Oberstudienrat”) of English and French and vice-principal of the high school (“Gymnasium”) at the Bildungszentrum Markdorf)

6.  Meurer, Ulrich. Topographien: Raumkonzepte in Literatur und Film der Postmoderne

(completed 2005; published by Fink in Munich in 2007; Award of the City of Konstanz for the best PhD dissertation of the academic year at the University of Konstanz; today Interim Professor at the Central European University, Wien)

7.  Lang, Annette (née Müller). Bildungskonzeptionen in nordamerikanischer Universitätsprosa

(completed 2006; published online; today senior teacher (“Oberstudienrätin”) of English and Latin at a high school (“Gymnasium”) in Konstanz)

8.  Gruber, Eva. Humor in Contemporary Native North American Literature: Reimagining Nativeness

(completed 2006; published by Camden House in Rochester, NY, in 2008; today tenured Assistant Professor (“Akademische Rätin”) of North American Literature at the University of Konstanz)

9.  Röckl, Barbara. Through a Glass, Darkly: The Mirror Metaphor in Texts by Richard Wright, James Baldwin, Ralph Ellison

(completed 2006; published by Peter Lang in 2009; today personal advisor to the managing director of research at the University of Kiel)

10.  Banita, Georgiana. Narrative Ethics and Literary Culture after 9/11

(completed 2009; published by the University of Nebraska Press in Lincoln, NB, in 2012; today research fellow of the Volkswagen Foundation at the Trimberg Research Academy, University of Bamberg)

11.  Müntefering, Nicola. Willa Cathers Kurzprosawerk: Eine erzähltheoretische Analyse

(completed 2009; published by Peter Lang in 2010; today radio moderator on SWR 3)

12.  Teodorescu, Carmen Otilia. Re-Writing Love: North American Love Poetry of the Twentieth Century

(completed 2009; published by Wissner Verlag in Augsburg in 2010; today lecturer of North American Literature at the University of Konstanz)

13.  Breitbach, Julia. Analog Fictions for the Digital Age: Literary Realism and Photography in Novels after 2000

(completed 2009; published by Camden House in Rochester, NY, in 2012; today consultant for Academic Staff Development at the University of Konstanz)

14.  Giehmann, Barbara. Writing the Northland: Jack London's and Robert Service's Imaginary Geography

(completed 2009; published by Königshausen & Neumann in Würzburg in 2010; today business development manager in Augsburg)

15.  Schricker, Regine. Ohnmachtsrausch und Liebeswahn: Weiblicher Masochismus in Literatur und Film des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts

(completed 2010; published by Königshausen & Neumann in Würzburg in 2011; today editor and freelance journalist in Frankfurt)

16.  Freitag, Florian. The Farm Novel in North America: Genre and Nation in the United States, English Canada, and French Canada, 1845-1945

(completed 2011; published by Camden House in Rochester, NY, in 2013; today Professor of American Studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen)

17.  Petermann, Emily. The Musical Novel: Imitation of Musical Structure, Performance, and Reception in Contemporary Fiction

(completed 2012; published by Camden House in Rochester, NY, in 2014; today teacher of English and mentor at Schule Schloß Salem)

18.  Cleju, Alina. Negotiating the Artist: A Study of American and Canadian Artist Stories

(completed 2012; published by Südwestdeutsche Verlag in Saarbrücken; today teacher of English at Education First in Oxford, United Kingdom)

19.  Hafner, Stephanie. The Location of Chinese North American Ethnicity in Vancouver and San Francisco Fiction

(completed 2012; published by Königshausen & Neumann in Würzburg in 2013; today Language Consultant North America at the Goethe Institute in Washington, DC, USA)

20.  Kannenberg, Christina. Seasonal Nordicity in Montreal Fiction: Representations of North

(completed 2016; today Policy Analyst Government of Canada, Quebec, Canada)

21.  Mack, Bettina. Historiographic Metafiction in North America: A Comparative Approach

(completed 2019; published online in 2021; today Content and Media Manager and Science Writer at the Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften in Winterthur, Switzerland)

22. Mendez, Eva. 'And Write She Did': Prerequisites for Women's Writing in the Writer Narratives of Virginia Woolf and Alice Munro

(completed 2019; published by Königshausen & Neumann in Würzburg in 2022; today Public Relations Director at KHG, Konstanz)

23. Flock, Orla. The Dual Artist Novel: Subverting Genre and Gender

(completed 2022; today Project Assistant in Business Consulting at K.O.M. in Allensbach)

24. Schmidt-Weihrich, Alena. Interdependencies: A Comparative Study of National Mythologies and Multiculturalism in the United States and Canada

(completed 2022)

b)  Current PhD Dissertations

25.  Gengler, Bianka. "The American Dream in the City of Angels: America’s Prevailing National Myth in Contemporary Los Angeles Fiction"

26.  Kaplitz, Ingrid. "Food as a Marker of Cultural Identity and Social Class in Contemporary African and Asian North American Literature"

27.  Stocklöv, Alina. "Liminality and the City in Contemporary New York Fiction"

28.  Weimann, Elvira. "To Vanish Off a Page: Endings in the Short Stories of Alice Munro"

29.  Schmitt, Katrin. "Beginning After the End: Narrative and Trauma in Twenty-First-Century North American Post-Apocalyptic Fiction"

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