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Career perspectives and networks

What shall I do after graduating?

Often, it is not easy for students from the humanities to answer this question, as there are so many options. Pursue a doctorate, but how? Find a job, but what and where?

Depending on their individual study priorities, our graduates have a wide variety of qualifications and fields of work they can pursue. One essential ability is the capacity to contextualize information, which means, to constantly gain new knowledge and to be able to apply it in different contexts. Our study programme qualifies you for many different professions in an international context, for example in teaching and research, in organizations and NGOs, in the area of cultural exchange, in foundations, publishing houses and the media as well as in public relations.

While completing an internship during the study programme is not mandatory, we highly recommend it. You can also have it credited as coursework in the supplementary area. Our department and the university’s Career Service can help you find a suitable internship. Including internships, language courses, transferable skills courses as well as your own transfer projects (study projects) in your study plan will allow you to supplement your individual study priorities with specific qualifications and practical work experience.

You can also continue with doctoral studies: around a third (in 2018) of KGE graduates began a doctoral programme after completing their master’s degree. Linked to an excellent research environment, this study programme allows you to gain insight into the varied research projects carried out in the field of cultural studies at the University of Konstanz. To promote you at an early stage of your career, we support you in realizing your own research projects in the context of your master’s thesis (e.g. stays abroad for the purpose of field studies and research) as well as during the transition period between studying and doctoral research (transition scholarships, junior fellowships).

The annual meeting as well as the KGE alumni network provide excellent opportunities to meet fellow students and graduates, exchange information and ideas, learn about career paths and get an idea about how to start your own career.

“Often people ask me: What on earth can you do with cultural studies? I usually answer: Anything! It’s not hard facts we study [...]. Instead, the focus is on soft skills. We learn a certain way of thinking: How to describe and structure problems, how to analyze processes and networks....We want to understand what motivates people, what their ideas are, and how they structure their world. That’s important in all areas of work [...]. Cultural studies provides the perfect basis to tackle any topic.”
Franziska Schwarz, academic year 2015/2016

#dreamjob: KGE graduates share their job experiences

KGE, and what’s next? In the #dreamjob interview series you can read about KGE graduates (and others) who found their dream job after studying in Konstanz. Be it as a doctoral researcher, a journalist or the founder of a business: there are numerous and often quite surprising career options for those with a degree in the humanities. So, the paths leading to their dream jobs are not always straight and well-paved. Check out the interviews to gain an insight into the daily work of KGE graduates, follow their individual paths after graduation and discover the exciting projects they are involved in. The examples will help you get an idea which career you might want to pursue. The campaign #dreamjob - career paths of our alumni is a joint effort of the KOS project (Konstanz Online Study information system), the Career Service and the alumni network. In regular intervals, stories of University of Konstanz graduates are published on the #dreamjob web page. All graduates are invited to participate!

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KGE alumni network: networking for students and graduates

Why join the network?
As a member you can:

  • stay in touch with your fellow students after graduating
  • find university friends you may have lost touch with
  • exchange job contacts and experiences
  • give and get help with career orientation
  • support each other with career entry or career changes
  • join our regular alumni meetings in Konstanz and other locations
  • make contacts through the job and career networks XING and LinkedIn as well as our study programme’s internal alumni database

The KGE alumni network is an initiative for students and graduates of the master's programme “Studies in European Culture (KGE)”. Inspired by the blog project “KGE Connected – The Voyage Out”, KGE students founded the network in the spring of 2018. It will make it much easier for current and former students to connect and exchange ideas or information – and you will not be left alone with the question 'what's next?’.

Former students can be a mentor for current students and, based on their own experience, show them where a master’s degree in cultural studies could lead them. Network members will also support each other as they look for jobs, start or change their careers. Benefit from direct contacts, events and “Stammtisch” meetings in Konstanz and elsewhere, as well as from the groups in the job and career networks XING and LinkedIn, which make direct networking much easier. The network will bring all KGE students and graduates long-term value by giving them the opportunity to get back in contact and continue to learn from each other long after they have left the university.

Not a member yet?

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Become part of the network on XING and LinkedIn!

Would you like to play a part in our network? Do you have ideas for events or activities? We look forward to hearing from you!

The KGE alumni network is supported by VEUK - the alumni association of the University of Konstanz.