Here you can find direct download links to all of the important documents, factsheets, applications, etc.

General information about the program

Current advertising and informational material for the “Studies in European Culture” M.A. program (version: 2019)

Admission regulations

Current version from May 17th, 2019

Study and examination regulations

Current version from July 30th, 2009 including all amendments until March 29th, 2016

Mentoring program

Version: February 2019

Recognition of academic performance

Here you will find forms to register for the recognition of: performance during the semester abroad / international internships / domestic internships and study projects / (general) academic and examination performance / performance in the SQ and SLI areas (version: September 2018)

Information on scholarships (semester abraod)

Version: October 2018

Master thesis & final oral examination

Version: 2018, 2019