Media | Practices | Commoning

International Conference, University of Konstanz 09.-11.10.2017

The international conference “Media | Practices | Commoning“ (09.-11.10.2017) will critically discuss concepts like commons, commoning and conviviality by situating them within the contemporary framework of digital technology and media.

We would be happy if you could join us for this event at Hedicke's Terracotta.

Our Keynote speaker will be Jeremy Gilbert (London).

Confirmed speakers are

Valeria Graziano (London)

Nanna Heidenreich (Cologne)

Matt Hills (Huddersfield)

Christian Licoppe (Paris)

Alexandre Monnin (Paris)

Dimitris Parsanoglou (Athens)

Elena Pulcini (Florence)

Gerald Raunig (Zurich)

Özlem Savaş (Ankara/Konstanz)

Vassilis Tsianos (Hamburg.

For the full PROGRAMME please click here.

Registration is free.

For any inquiries please contact Robert Stock.