British Studies and American Studies

The faculty for British Studies (Anglistik) at the University of Konstanz consists of Professor Christina Wald, Professor Silvia Mergenthal, PD Dr. Monika Reif-Hülser, Dr. Julia Boll, Anja Hartl, Jonas Kellermann, M.A., and Susanne Köller, M.A. Research and teaching focuses on British and New English Literatures, Cultural Identity Studies, Drama and Theatre, Film and TV Studies, Gender Studies, Memory Studies, and Postcolonial Studies.

The faculty for American Studies (Amerikanistik) at the University of Konstanz consists of Prof. Dr. Timo Müller, PD Dr. Sascha Pöhlmann, Dr. Eva Gruber, Dr. Moritz Ingwersen, and Dr. Carmen Otilia Teodorescu-Stadler. Research and teaching focus on North American Literatures and Cultures, Transnational American Studies, Environmental Studies, Mobility Studies, Poetry/Poetics, African American Studies, and American Indigenous Studies.