Dr. Julia Boll

Fellow am Zukunftskolleg

E-Mail: j.boll@uni-konstanz.de
Telefon: +49 (0) 7531 88 5689
Raum:  Y 222
Sprechzeiten: nach Vereinbarung

Photo: Ulrike Sommer

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Dr. Julia Boll
Universität Konstanz Zukunftskolleg
Fach 261
78457 Konstanz

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  • Modern and Contemporary Drama (Britain, Ireland, North America)
  • Ancient and Contemporary Theatre (Europe)
  • Performance Studies
  • War Studies
  • Ethics in Literature and Theatre
  • Literature and Science


  •  Thinking Through Theatre
  • "The homo sacer on Stage. Figurations of Precarious Lives in Contemporary Plays." (Marie Skłodowaska-Curie project, University of Konstanz, 2013-2015)
  • "Questions of Ethics in the Recent Depiction of Science in Literature" (part of "Fiction meets Science", Volkswagen Foundation "Key Issues for Research and Society", Universities of Bremen and Oldenburg, 2013-2018) 


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